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Nascar Summer Showdown

WPWebDevelopment: Delivering Top-Notch WordPress Services to Motorsport Games NASCAR

At WPWebDevelopment, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch WordPress web development services to our clients. One of our recent projects involved working with Motorsport Games NASCAR to develop and manage multiple websites in their video game franchise.

We were sought out for our experience in WordPress, UI/UX web design, and pixel-perfect design translations. Motorsport Games NASCAR had a world-class team of designers but had been working with contractors from Russia for development. They were not satisfied with the contractors’ performance due to problems with mobile responsiveness and high development lead times exceeding 4-6 weeks for delivery of a single landing page.

We came in and reviewed their devops practices to find them using outdated and overly complex procedures, from using Pantheon for hosting to developing the site in custom PHP so it did not even hook into WordPress core functionality for post or page editing.

We created custom plugins using the WordPress REST API to dynamically get data from sister sites and display that in headless custom blocks for cross-site marketing. We also created a brand new theme to follow WordPress best practices and standards, developing new pages in the Gutenberg editor, to be able to give the site back to the company so that their junior website manager could take over management of the sites after a major launch of NASCAR HEAT.

In the end, this saved Motorsport Games NASCAR thousands of dollars in development time and greatly sped up their devops process.

At WPWebDevelopment, we are committed to providing top-notch WordPress web development services and are always looking for ways to improve and enhance our offerings for clients like Motorsport Games NASCAR.