The Real Deal

WPWebDevelopment: Delivering Top-Notch WordPress Services to The Real Deal

At WPWebDevelopment, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch WordPress web development services to our clients. One of our recent projects involved working with The Real Deal to launch a brand new headless site using React, GraphQL, and node.

We audited the progress of contractors that had been developing the new site and identified areas of concern to focus on for the final transition of the site going live. One of our main focuses was improving performance. We refactored The Real Deal’s main full-width header advertisements using modern JavaScript, resulting in a 30% reduction in load times. We also identified weaknesses in their page speed scores and worked with our team to address each issue, improving their page speed by more than 200%.

In addition to improving performance, we also helped refactor script loading in a new headless WordPress React environment using React, GraphQL, and Node. We created a plugin and integrated secure custom diagnostic and error management software into The Real Deal’s new site.

We also integrated Google Tag Manager and Google Ad Manager properly into the new site to help The Real Deal track user behavior and manage their advertising campaigns more effectively.

We identified problems with previous Devops procedures and advised on streamlining overly complex processes. By addressing these issues, we were able to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the developer process for The Real Deal, as well as greatly improve Google core web vitals.

At WPWebDevelopment, we are committed to providing top-notch WordPress web development services and are always looking for ways to improve and enhance our offerings for clients like The Real Deal.

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