Gary Matthew Payne

Gary Matthew Payne is a Californian transplant, who, from a young age, knew exactly what he wanted to focus on. While many children take their love of video games or music for granted and use their time as a hobby, Gary developed this passion further. He would practice music development, listen to audio and visual […]

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Nascar Showdown

Wordpress site design

Developed their first pixel perfect design translation with complete functionality for editor’s to change detailed race information.

NASCAR Heat Mobile

Wordpress site design

Custom Re-Design of an existing site to increase UX, SEO performance, and showcase the latest developments in the NASCAR Heat Mobile Series.

Nascar Ignition

Built a new custom web site for their rebranding event of the only official NASCAR sponsored video game.

Motorsport Games

I Took over administration of a custom web site from contractors that had no functionality. After building a brand new site using WordPress best practices, development time went from over a month to less than a week, while greatly improving SEO performance, developing their first pixel perfect design translation, and giving them complete control of […]

Project Management

Detailed management of long-term projects, budgets, schedules, and processes involved.

Search Engine Optimization

Pages and keywords optimized for Google Core SEO Web Metrics to maximize your user experience as well as your search results.

Responsive Design

Mobile-First Responsive Web Design using Google Core SEO Web Metrics for High Scoring Sites.