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The Story

The Better Connection by Lauren

It all started with seeing the effects of help on the lives of children. Growing up in a society that didn’t recognize mental health as a plan to wellness, but rather a codifying hindrance, I knew things needed to change. Someone needed to advocate, engage, and manage for that change. I decided to become that person who never stops believing in a more balanced life being possible for those living in internal chaos. 

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Case management

Therapeutic Approaches

Community Engagement

Environmental Advocacy: Change through Outreach and auditing

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Clinical Case management

11 years of experience

Team Building/Training

11 years of experience

mental Health: Direct Care

6 years experience

Risk Assessment

11 Years Experience

Why The Better Connection?

My peers and clients say it best.


I’ve drawn so much inspiration from her and learned so many important skills as well. The job we’ve worked in is one that is extremely challenging and requires emotional, mental, and physical strength each day. Lauren would come in and provide these aspects to not just staff, but to clients as well. The support and stability that she provided helped create a nurturing and positive environment that allowed for the clients to show growth in their lives.

-Angela Sha, RBT

I've benefited from her mental health perspectives in treatment team meetings. Also, I have been impressed with her creative problem-solving skills and tireless work ethic... to design and implement a therapeutic plan that is conducive to the mental wellness for our residents is impressive. Lauren has surpassed her expectations on the clinical treatment team. We have benefited from her knowledge gained through her educational accomplishments and life experiences.

-Barbara Jordahl, M.S.

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