Change Admin Bar Color Official WordPress Plugin

– This WordPress plugin extends funtionality by using best practices to change the color of the admin bar for the front and back end. Often useful when working with staging sites or large multi-site projects.

⚡ Changelog for v 1.2
– Hooked into the WordPress customizer to follow new best practices to allow user input through Appearance menu.
– Registered a new section and controller that loads a js color picker to receive user input and change admin bar color.

⚡ Changelog for v 1.1
– Seperated functions into the init.php file and included them from main file to follow WordPress best practices.

⚡ Changelog for v 1.0
– Added security to keep plugin from being accessed directly
– Hooked into wordpress to run a function that changes admin bar color
– Edit the single included file to adjust your color