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Gary Matthew Payne

Gary Matthew Payne is a Senior level WordPress Web Developer who, from a young age, knew exactly what he wanted to focus on. While many children take their love of video games or music for granted and use their time as a hobby, Gary developed this passion further. He would practice music development, listen to audio and visual recordings and take a keen interest in both online and offline design. He has worked as a Senior Web Developer for many of the world’s leading companies, the chief of which is bringing the NASCAR franchise online through Motorsport Games. He is currently a Senior Web Development professional with a large portfolio, whose mission is to close the technology gap for his otherwise successful corporate clients.

His expertise isn’t only revered and contracted by the big names, as Gary Matthew Payne frequently works with smaller shops, medium-sized businesses, start-ups, and other privately held corporations. The race towards the WEB3.0 landscape has given him the authority and flexibility needed to hand select his clients, making sure they are properly taken care of, especially in the extremely fast-paced world of the Californian tech industry.

Education and Early Life

Gary’s journey into the world of technology was at a very young age. For as long as he can remember, he loved video games as well as computers. While many leave it there and do not pursue it any further, he became entranced with the way it worked, including the visual and audio design. While many play video games to relax and have fun, Gary couldn’t help but try and analyze what made a good game function, and how it was created to become an addictive enjoyment to most who are experiencing what is on the screen.

While gaining experience working with his father’s small business as a teenager, Gary spent years running his own small business where he would repair, buy, and sell used computers. This hands-on  would later prove invaluable when working at high levels of management across several industries.

In his free time he began self-teaching through videos and books about technology and design. Like most who take an interest in tech, he did not find many resources at school to develop his passion, hobby, and what would eventually be his career. When he was a teen, he put what he had learned to the test, and created an extremely successful adaptation of the popular game “Pong” using the C# languages. This proved to him that he was on the right path for his life’s journey, and knew he had to go to the best schools to expand his expertise in this field.

Gary would go on to study Graphic Design at the University of Boulder but also completed several programs at Harvard University, one of the most prestigious schools and programs in the world. Amongst his long list of certifications and accolades acquired throughout his career, Gary Matthew Payne is most proud of his completion of the CS50 program at Harvard University. It is highly coveted and certifies that he is a multi-faceted expert, specifically for web development, game development, and even mobile development.

Career and Accomplishments

After running his own business repairing computers as a teenager, his career started as a Graphic Designer and WordPress Developer. Although he didn’t have national recognition as of yet, Gary knew that eventually, he would endeavor to work with some of the most impactful names in the industry. Nonetheless, his career started with a local agency, where he would collaborate with Senior Designers, Developers, and Project Managers. The main focus of his role was to deliver themes, plug-ins, and websites for the agency’s customers. To this day, this is one of the most outsourced jobs, as most companies prefer to contract agencies or freelancers to take care of their “website”, which usually means both the visual aspects and the content.

Using the knowledge he has gained both on the job and through his in-depth education (such as computer science and web development from Harvard), Gary Matthew Payne would go on to work with start-ups and large names in the industry. He would have various stints working with Intel, Honda, Artesian Builds, Motorsport Games NASCAR, and various other accounts that he cannot disclose. Throughout his experiences, he felt that he has learned the most from bringing the lineup of NASCAR, Motorsport Games, and 704 Games online. He has worked on various titles, such as NASCAR Heat 5, rFactor 2, and NASCAR: Ignition.

In his projects, he delivered everything ahead of schedule, and proactively searched and determined how to reduce the friction between development and launch. Notably, the games were facilitated in a much shorter time frame, cutting down from 6 weeks to one week for development needs, all while maintaining performance, sustainability, and the user experience. Overall, he has benefited from every project he has touched on or led throughout the industry.

Currently, Gary Matthew Payne has decided to offer his services to all companies, agencies, and clients that require his unique skills. This includes responsive web design, full-stack development, and professional project management. Payne utilizes the agile method both when leading projects and as an individual contributor.

Charity, Community Involvement, and Hobbies

Gary is a huge proponent of giving back to the community that raised him. As a child, his love for the outdoors would get him through rough periods, and the national parks would be a place where he could recharge and reflect on the opportune moments of his life. As such, when Gary became a man of means, he is a regular contributor to various organizations throughout the country to help the less fortunate, such as the Trust for Public Land to conserve and develop our beautiful park systems, as well as to expand access to computer science education in our public school systems.

Making sure his distinctive skill-set is not lost on the world, and with years of experience in Project Management for the Construction industry, Gary actively searched to give back to the world in terms of his expertise. Between 2012 and 2013, Gary would volunteer his time and knowledge to the Non-Profit Organization YesLiberia, whose compassionate approach touched Gary to his core. The organization needed help in researching and designing solar lighting that was practical and had valuable applications to the small villages in Liberia, Africa.After his work, studies showed that villages that had a reliable lighting system would greatly reduce the nocturnal crime rate.